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EasyTime SET2000 Software


SET  time synchronization management software using MS Visual C + + programming, in the computer WINDOWS operating system on the time input and output management; support network NTP / SNTP time protocol and serial port East China Power Grid, China Southern Power Grid timing protocol to support the client and service Side of the coexistence of running; allow the computer to install the software through the serial port or network to obtain superior time, and as a time server, to other computers within the network to provide a standard time signal. Is independent of other time devices can be run independently of the network time synchronization management software to address the unity of the local area network to provide a simple and convenient solution.

SED time synchronization management software is easy to learn and use, with easy to set up methods, quick definition interface and perfect operation guide, can help you to quickly build all kinds of stable performance, professional and powerful time synchronization unified system.
Technical characteristics

◇ using MS Visual C ++  programming, powerful, stable performance;
◇ multi-synchronous source adaptive synchronization technology, synchronization accuracy is better than ± 100ms;
◇ support network NTP, SNTP time protocol, school accuracy of 1 ~ 100ms;
◇ support for serial messages on time, using the delay compensation setting technology, the error is not greater than +0.2 s;
◇ support for custom dynamic protocol when the agreement added to facilitate system upgrades and maintenance;
◇ Support UTC time difference setting of time output;
◇ software product quality and reliable, small size, no need to install, copy available.
Typical functions

◇ support the client and server side of the coexistence of operation, has a good field application ability;
◇ support multiple co-exist client agreement, in accordance with the set priority level, means of communication for time to obtain and interpret the sign;
◇ support multiple coexistence of server-side mode, in accordance with the set of communication, time agreement for the output of time signs;
◇ support for Ethernet NTP, SNTP, East China Power Grid serial time of the agreement, China Southern Power Grid, such as time agreement.

Operating environment

◦ CPU: Intel PIII800 or higher
◦ RAM: 256MB or more
◦ Ethernet: To run the server version, it is recommended to use a 100baseT or higher network and add the TCP / IP protocol to the system
◦ Operating system: MS Windows series

◦ Storage:  CD-ROM
◦ Manual: PDF format
◦ Encryption: Register to obtain the serial number

Recommended models

No. Types Basic Configuration Integrator / OEM procurement requirements
1 SET2100  Timing for Clients
free of charge if you buy SNTS products, 

2 SET2200  Timing for Clients and Time Server  
OEM orders for more than 5 sets

3 SET2000/CUS According to user requirements additions and deletions software functions, customization of the user software version. According to the difficulty of the realization of the function, the amount of development costs.
Above SET2000 series software products based on windows operating system, can be installed directly to use.


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