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  • OEM & Customize your GNSS Clock
    【Product description】:OEM or Customized your GPS Clock! Please turn to this page if you can't find existed models, Silimin GPS clock is flexible to meet any needs of your synchronization requirements....
  • Power Grid Time System
    【Product description】:SNTM is a cost-effective, mid/large-scale and fully customizable synchronization system.It support for multiple output modules including Serial time message, IRIG-B, DCF77, Pulse(PPS/PPM/PPH), IEEE-1588 PTPv2, NTP interfaces, alarm(Network or Relay) a...
  • Precision Frequency Standard
    【Product description】:SNTF series offer GPS synchronized programmable 0-50MHz frequency, TOD Serial Port message , PPS, AND Relay/Network Alarm in a 19'' standard 1U/2U/4U Rackmounting chassis. With built in TCXO Oscillator, SNTF transfer 2 to 40 high-accuracy frequency vi...
  • NTP/PTP Time Sever
    【Product description】:A powerful, reliable and secure GPS displined Time Server for systems distributed in different places, such as computer network, computer application system, process control management system, e-commerce system, online B2B system and database saving a...
  • Industrial GNSS Clock
    【Product description】:SGPS is a family of time synchronization system combining multi signals receiver(GPS+Beidou+IRIG), oscillators, 1 power supply and up to 3 output options in a compact 1U chassis. It comes with low cost but high performmance...
  • EasyTime SET2000 Software
    【Product description】:SET time synchronization management software using MS Visual C + + programming, in the computer WINDOWS operating system on the time input and output management; support network NTP / SNTP time protocol and serial port ...