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  • Distributed Protocol Convertor
    【Product description】:SPT100 is a distributed communication server integrated serial port sevice, communication ata processing and sacurity exchanges. Its interface setup can be flexibly selected according to the scene. The design of the product specilizes in in...
  • Environmental Monitoring and Information Publishing Software
    【Product description】:A set of professional power monitoring configuration software for the rapid construction of intelligent power distribution, energy consumption monitoring, photovoltaic power station monitoring and other automation systems. Tel: 0755-88316675...
  • Electric power communication management machine
    【Product description】:SPC1000 communication management machine is an important part of the power distribution automation system, the completion of information interaction between the microcomputer protection and automatic device, control of intelligent electroni...
  • Channel Switch
    【Product description】:Mainly used in the field of automation to solve a pair of two, the main communication channel switching products. Tel: 0755-88316675...