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LED Dot Matrix display (NTP/Serial Port)

LED Dot Matrix display provides simple versatility. Using many small LED lights, these clocks comes in various sizes and its displaying contents are fully programmable: Any format of time, graphics, julian date, count up & countdown ocation, electronic LED letters, vinyl letters. So you can customize its size based on Dot Module blocks withred, white and blue LED. What’s more, font size for letters are flexiblly adjusted according to your needs for good view.
Look through the Selection Guide page of some examples of our custom digital wall clock LED displays.
SILIMIN LED Dot Matrix display (SLED) is using standard P3.75 (P5.0 optional) to display high accuracy time in a synchronization time system. It syns with references from PTP/NTP, CDMA, GPRS, WIFI and Serial message. SLED provide realiable time even when powered off or signal unlocked by utilizing real-time clock (RTC) chip and maintenance-free rechargeable battery.

> User configurable display layouts Time and date or other contents
> Low power LED’s coming in red, white, blue, yellow, green or custom
> Single side or double sides optional
> 19’’ rack / recessed or ceiling hanging mounting
> Self adjustable to suitable brightness
> Infrared remote control
> Connectors: RJ45 or pluggable screw Terminal
> Real-time clock (RTC) chip and maintenance-free rechargeable battery

> Time set automatically by PTP/NTP/SNTP, and Serial Port message
> Used for time display for GPS time sever or NTP time sever
> Factory set ready, no special hardware or software required
> SILININ Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology (Built-in)

Built- In Input options: CDMA, GPRS, WIFI
Alarming Output Options: Dry contact relay
Power: standard AC or built-in POE injectors

 Model  Array (HxW)  Pixel Pitch  LED Color  Sides   Mounting
 SLED1000  1X1  P3.75  R/W/B  Single   Rack/Recessed/ Wall Mounting
 SLED1100  1X2  P3.75  R/W/B  Single   Recessed / Wall Mounting
 SLED1200  1X2  P3.75  R/W/B  Single   Recessed / Wall Mounting
 SLED2100  1X2  P3.75  R/W/B  Dual   Ceiling Hanging Mounting

  Display  LED≥1000mcd;
 LED Dot Matrix: P3.75, P5.0 , P7.0, or P8.0, P9.0, P10.0
 Self adjustable to suitable brightness
  Protocals  Timing Protocals: NTP/SNTP, Serial Message ( East China Power Grid)
 Management protocals: SILIMIN Management Protocals
  Accuracy  200 milliseconds typical
  Connectors  Ethernet:10/100 BaseT RJ45
 Serial Port: RS422/RS485 Pluggable Screw Terminals( 2-pole)
  Input options  CDMA、WIFI、GPRS Optional
  Power  Powered by 100-240VAC or POE Injector, Built in battery
  Enviroment  Working Temperature : -35℃- +70℃
 Storage Temperature: -40℃- +85℃;  Humidity: 5%-95% non-condensing
  MFBF  MFBF:≥85000 Hours
  Cabinet  Aluminum cabinet with matte grey or black coated + Plexiglass panels
  Installation  Wall mounting / Recessed or Ceiling hanging mounting / 19’’ Rack mouting

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