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Good news: Shenzhen Si Limin power company by the Shenzhen n
Publish Date:2017-02-16 11:58    Page View:     Author:admin    
According to the provisions of the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission to implement the "Shenzhen New Energy Industry Development special third 2013 support plan" provisions, the expert review, site visits and related departments audit, Shenzhen Si Limin power company public safety evacuation and management system key technical engineering Laboratory projects have been included in the support project, and in the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission website publicity, access to funds 500,000 yuan.
Shenzhen Si Limin Power Company to actively respond to the revitalization of Shenzhen City, the new energy industry development plan and policy, intelligent fire online monitoring of all links in the key technology research, the project will improve the intelligent safety of environmental monitoring quality level, to achieve the strategy Evacuation, breakthrough intelligent fire without strategy to deal with the status quo, while improving the degree of intelligent terminal release automation.