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Time display application performance
Publish date:2017-02-16 12:00    Screnn times:     Author:admin    
Si Limin Power is the leader of the time synchronization display system, has successfully signed a number of time synchronization display items, and has been successfully run.
The following are some of the customers of Slimmin Power in the field of time synchronization display:
Shenzhen City Department of Transportation time synchronization display application
Shenzhen Longhua Railway Station time display application
Shenzhen International Airport time synchronization display application
Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, the third hospital son clock display application
Application of Parent Clock System in Zhangzhou Heavy Sports Gymnasium in Fujian
Application of Time Display System in Erdos Public Resource Management Center
Shenzhen Yantian Stadium Museum bell display application
Foshan Sanshui Foreign Language School Time Synchronization Display Application
Xinjiang Urumqi to Fort Wo International Airport
Changbai Mountain Airport time synchronization display application