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Power plant application performance
Publish date:2017-02-16 12:01    Screnn times:     Author:admin    
Si Limin power in the power generation industry has accumulated a wealth of experience, providing hundreds of time synchronization system solutions, Shenhua Group, Yudean Energy, China Resources Group, a qualified supplier of resources.
The following are some of the customers of Si Limin Power Services:
Then Xu substation on the application
Zhejiang Hengzhou Pu Xing Thermal Power Plant on the application
Fujian Union Petrochemical Plant for time application
China Aluminum Industry Henan Branch of the application
Yunnan Wenshan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd
Application of Qingyuan Pumped Storage Power Station
Sanya City, Hainan Province, Nanshan Power Plant
Guohua Taishan Power Plant on the application
Design of Zhanjiang Tunshang Power Plant
Application of Uma Village Power Plant in Guizhou
China Southern Power Grid Guangzhou Power Grid Company Information Center on time application