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Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center safe evacuation br
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Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center covers an area of ​​220,000 square meters, 540 meters from east to west, 282 meters wide from north to south, the total height of 60 meters, the ground six, three underground. With a total construction area of ​​280,000 square meters, 5,000 large international exhibition booths can be held. The largest exhibition space is 30,000 square meters and the largest venue can accommodate 3,000 people. Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center also has a strong exhibition and conference functions, 8 exhibition hall, 25 conference rooms, 3 large dining area and excellent supporting services.
February 2016, by the Shenzhen City Si Limin Power Automation Co., Ltd. construction of the STRS security broadcast and evacuation system project officially passed the acceptance, the entire project supporting products, including SEFM security broadcast monitoring screen 1 set, STRS security monitoring and broadcasting unit 26 sets , SGPS time device 1 set, SPBS safety monitoring and management software 1 set. Si Limin technical staff through careful investigation of the scene, together with the owners to determine the location of the installation of communication devices, monitoring unit communication and the number of security systems for the communication access to do a reliable communication debugging, to ensure the safety of evacuation systems The safe operation provides a stable and reliable communication security. Access to the owners of the highly praised, and in particular approved to become Si Limin Power Company of Shenzhen model project show.