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Primary school safety evacuation and broadcasting project
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Ascot primary school is in Ascot garden Zhongshan Avenue Tianhe District Guangzhou city (Guangzhou city Tianhe District Fu Ting Street No. 38).There is a conjoined teaching building, a small playground,  and a large playground  in Ascot primary school . It is a garden style modern school which of the green coverage rate is 68%.
In February 2015, the project of STRS safety broadcast and evacuation system construction of Shenzhen silimin electric power company officially passed the acceptance, the project products including 1 sets of SEFM security broadcast monitoring screen, STRS safety monitoring and broadcast unit 58 sets, 1 set SGPS time device, 1 set SPBS fire monitoring and management software.  After the careful investigation of Silimin company technical staff, together with the owners to determine the installation position of the communication device, the monitoring unit communication mode and quantity, do a reliable communication debugging for the security system of communication access, to provide a stable and reliable communications to ensure safe operation in order to ensure the safety of evacuation system. Get the owner's high evaluation.