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Time hack application of Guizhou Yemazhai power station
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移动互联网 百度直达号 移动站点 O2O模式

Guizhou Yemazhai power station located in Guizhou provience. The power station is one of the key construction part of  West-East electricity transmission project.
In Feb. 2012, our company (SILIMIN) start offering SNTM time synchronization sysytem in the power station  . The project contains 6 sets of  SNTM service ; 10 sets of SGPS parts; 
Our company's techonology department staff  has made a lot of effort on making a survey of the power station  and  has made a deep communication with the station representative about the details .
After all the surveies finished ,our company has heped the airport in building a network  time synchrnization sysytem and  provide a stable time assurance.