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Guangzhou power plant time synchronization application
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Guangdong Grid Co is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Souther Grid Corp, in March 31, 2005 changed its name to Guangdong Grid Co, the registered capital of 48 billion yuan. At the end of 2010 the company's total assets is 243 billion and 100 million yuan. It is the operation of power grid investment, operation and maintenance, power exchange and scheduling, power marketing and power design, construction, repair, scientific research and supplies business economic entity, is the unified planning and construction, the unified management of Guangdong power grid and the implementation of the law of the jurisdiction unified power grid and grid connected power plant, is responsible for the security and stability of grid economic and high-quality operation of enterprise legal person.
Guangdong Grid Co is the direct management of the province's 21 cities power companies and power dispatching, communication, design, construction, material supply, scientific research, the school a total of 36 enterprises, 61 county-level power supply enterprises directly, 18 county-level power supply enterprises escrow.