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Guangzhou Metro Line 7 safe evacuation and radio project
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Guangzhou City Rail Transit Line 7 project length of 30.9km, in two phases of construction, are underground routes, a total of 19 stations.
The first phase of the project line about 18.6km, nine stations, operating routes from the Shek Pik station along the Han River Road laying, by Zhongping Road Station, Zhongcun Station, Hanxi Changlong Station, Nancun Wanbo Station (previously named the subway company For the Hezhuang station, Panyu District, renamed Wan Bo), Banqiao Station (formerly known as the official station), then turned to Xingnan Road, set the South Village Station, and then after Lek Kau waterway, under the Guangdong University of Technology, arrived at the University of South station. [1-2]
April 2015, by the Shenzhen City Si Limin Power Automation Co., Ltd. built STRS security broadcast and evacuation system project officially passed the acceptance of the entire project supporting products, including SEFM security broadcast monitoring screen 1 set, STRS security monitoring and broadcasting unit 122 sets , SGPS time device 1 set, SPBS safety monitoring and management software 2 sets. Si Limin technical staff through careful investigation of the scene, together with the owners to determine the location of the installation of communication devices, monitoring unit communication and the number of security systems for the communication access to do a reliable communication debugging, to ensure the safety of evacuation systems The safe operation provides a stable and reliable communication security. Get the owners of the highly praised.