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One of the core competence of Silimin is a full range of quality assurance. Whatever it is R&D, production, quality control, marketing or technical service and international standards, Silimin adhere to provide customers with the best products and service.

Pursuit of excellence
Continuous improvement-we continue to innovate and improve, implement the quality and environment management system, follow the relevant laws and regulations, to provide high quality green products and services to win the trust of customer.
The pursuit of excellence- we are customer-oriented, and constantly strive for excellence and to fulfill responsibilities as global citizens.

Quality testing
The quality testing process of Silimin consists of two stages:development stage and production stage. In the R&D phase, the new developed products must undergo rigorous environmental testing, including temperature testing, humidity testing, and drop tests to ensure that the products are still operating under harsh conditions. In production phase, products must be functional tests to ensure that all functions of the products are functioning properly. Next is a 24-hour burn-in test, and for industrial Ethernet equipment, is subject to high temperature testing. Only those products that have passed all the tests without any errors can be packed and shipped to the customers. Prior to shipment, Silimin will also check the package to make sure the package contents are accurate.

Strong R&D team
Silimin expanded the environmental laboratory of the research and development center in GuangZhou in 2012. The most eye-catching was a acquisition of temperature and humidity tester for the environmental labor and re organize the warranty process, in order to improve the efficiency. In the near future, Silimin will continue to expand the laboratory environment, and outfitted it with more more advanced testing equipment, to ensure that the products in the factory without blemish and trouble free, to give customers a better quality assurance.

Three years` warranty of Silimin
Most of the products made in Silimin have 3 years` warranty maintenance. That means, from the date of shipment within 3 years, If the product is not able to operate under the normal installation and use, Silimin will replace the defective products( for details, please refer to Silimin warranty manual ). Silimin strict quality insurance processes plus 3 years warranty, giving customers a full range of quality assurance to reassure customers purchase and use.
Silimin has successfully obtained the ISO9001:2008 certification, which is the best proof of the commitment to adhere to the quality of Silimin. In terms of products, Silimin adhere to high standards of quality inspection principle, product repair rate is less than 0.8%, far below the industry peers. All these results show the insistence and efforts of Silimin. In addition, Silimin provides 3 years warranty, to ensure that customers can use more at ease, without any menace from the rare. These efforts to make Silimin gain the success of market expanding, So that in the field of data communication, we can win the trust of partners and get large and more valued project.


The RoHS Directive is an EU Legal Directive for environmental regulations concerning the Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances. The Directive requires the removal of six hazardous substances from electric and electronic equipment (Pb, Cd, Cr, Hg, Br compounds).

CE certification refers to the requirements made by the European Union (EU) for the products they officially import into the EU nations.Literally it means "Conformité Européenne" or French for "European Conformity." The regulations are designed to protect members of the EU against products that might endanger their safety, pose a pollution hazard to public safety, interfere with electromagnetic devices or create other detrimental effects.