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Silimin Power Automation Co., Ltd.

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Person in charge:Nelson Wu
No. QQ:5332592
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Customer Reference list of Silimin

Time Synchronization Display System
Shenzhen Transit Authority
Shenzhen North Railway Station
Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport
Zhangzhou Third Hospital
Zhangzhou Heavy Athletics Stadiums
Ordos Public Resource Management Center
Shenzhen Yantian Stadiums
Sanshui Foreign Languages School
Urumqi Diwopu International Airport
Changbaishan Airport
Fire-Safety Monitoring System
Liuzhou people's Hospital
The people's hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous
Beijing Jiuhua International Exhibition Center
Zhoushan Sports Exhibition Center
Zhuhai International Exhibition Center
Xuzhou International Exhibition Center
Exhibition Center of Shijiazhuang People's Hall
Jinan International Exhibition Center
Chengdu Century city International Exhibition Center
Baotou International Exhibition Center
Taishan International Exhibition Center
New Energy Power Generation Monitoring
Sunnyvale LDK Solar Co., Ltd., Xinyu City, “Gold Sun” grid connected power generation project
China Guodian & Mongolia Electric, Siziwang banner (Phase II) 60M WP grid-connected project
Guangxi Yulin Darongfeng Power Plant
ShanXi Pinglufeng Power Plant
NingXia Jingneng Wind Power Plant
LiaoNing Kangpin Chaoyang Wind Power Plant
JiLin Anbai highway Lesheng Wind Power Plant
NingXia Datang International Qingtongxia 48MW Wind Power Plant
AVIC Jonhon Optronic Technology Co.,Ltd.- LongJiang countyHalahai banner, 49.5MW Wind Power Plan
NingXia Sanxia New Energy 40MWp grid-connected PV power generation project
Time synchronization system of intelligent building
Meteorological Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
Shenzhen Finance Electronic Settlement Centre
China Electrical equipment inspection & Energy efficiency assessment center
People's Procuratorate of Shenzhen
Guangdong E-server management center
New Buildings of Hohhot Traffic Police Headquaters
China Investment Securities
Credit Card Center of China CITIC Bank
Buildings of China Merchants Bank
Intelligent Transportation
Shouxihu Tunnel in Yangzhou  
Nanjing Lukou International Airport  
Zhongxin wharf in Jiangyin
Modification works of Xuzhou Coal Mining Group
Project of S105 monitoring in Chaohu
Jiangsu traffic designing institute
Safty Monitoring / Broadcasting System
Shenzhen Airport
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Chengdu Metro
Guangzhou Metro Line 7
Guangzhou JunJing Primary School
Primary School of Central China Normal University
Shenzhen Experimental School Primary School Section
Guangzhou Taikoo Mall
Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center