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Silimin Power Automation Co., Ltd.

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SILIMIN Electric Power Automation:

Headquartered in ShenZhen China, SILIMIN is into its 14th year of operations, offering industrial automation & monitoring solutions to customers within the country & across the globe.
Our core business is the design, development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of wide-range products such as time synchronization, electrical monitoring, fire-protection and broadcasting, which are widely used in electrical industry / financial industry /public services (Traffic/Security) etc.

With experience of more than 1000 projects which are stablely operating our automation systems, we are always looking forward to a magnificent future together with your cooperation and support. 

Why Choose Us?

Flexible functional modules
Different modules can be combined and configured to address the most varied and complex customer requirements ( For GPS Clock Products)
Low Cost- High Performance
We research and develop, manufacture (in Shenzhen), SILIMIN products are naturally performing highly cost-effective.
End-to-End Quality
High-quality products are researched and developed by more than 40 expert engineers in our own R&D center located in Guangzhou which has advanced machinery and test systems;  
Technical innovation
SILIMIN has been quick to adopt & incorporate new technologies like Ethernet & Wireless into the industrial automation solutions that are offered.
Convinient Management
The parameters can be set by buttons of front panel, and terminal devices could be remotely monitored by SILIMIN software.

Sales & Cooperation
We have already served solutions for quantities of enterprises such as ZTE, China Southern Power Grid, etc.

SILIMIN is growing and expanding the products range while the business increases rapidly all over the world since its foundation of year 2003.
Year 2016 
Launched Security Evacuation & Broadcast and Fire Monitor and Alarm system; Establish the marketing and service center in Nanshan ShenZhen.
Successfully verified by ISO9001:2008 quality system
Year 2015
Launched the thirid generation SNTM satellite synchronization clock which can support multi-format of output and input with high accuracy of Time and Frequency.
Year 2014 
Expand the team of research and development, cut down the number of production line which makes us change production into development and marketing.
Year 2013 
Set up the project of Security Evacuation & Broadcast and Fire Monitor and Alarm system
Year 2012 
Establish a research and development center in South China University of technology in Guangdong Provience.
Year 2011 
Launched network time synchronization management system and master/slave clocks.
Year 2010
Set up the department of systems engineering and major in engineering systems.
Year 2009 
Invested in glass photoelectric industry, established Silimin Microtechnique Company.
SNTM series time marking safety unified system is especially put up for banks and securities industry.
Year 2008
SECC environmental monitoring configuration software is developed.
SECC series power environment monitoring system solution is launched.
Year 2007
SNTS network time server device and SGPS satellite synchronous clock are developed.
SMA series intelligent monitoring instrument is developed.
Year 2006
Production base is established and successfully verified by ISO2001 quality system.
Silimin Beijing Office is established.
Year 2005 
Silimin Nanjing R&D center is established.
SMC series digital channel switching device is developed successfully.
SPT series intelligent protocol converter is developed successfully.
Year 2004
SEPT variable distribution monitoring configuration software is developed.
Silimin Sales and Service Center in Shenzhen established.
SLM series electric power automation system solution is launched.
SPC series electric power communication management machine is developed and successfully tested by EPRI.
Year 2003
Founded in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, China.